redjacket was founded in late 2014, in the throes of a music-industry-induced hangover. After the belated realization that there’s no actual “community” to be found in the loosely-tied web of underground sound enthusiasts, it seemed natural to shift attention to, well, the ACTUAL community.

redjacket focuses on life in North Mankato, Minnesota, from the perspective of a Duluthian transplant. (Something along the lines of, “I used to hate this town, but now I kinda like it, and I’m not really sure why, but I’m going to unpack the damn thing.”) Topics might include: Commuting by bicycle, listening to rad music, localized attempts at cultural relevancy, the clandestine nature of small-town politics, and criticism of the press.

Greater Mankato needs legit commentary on local culture. This isn’t that source.



1969323_347599722079088_6391107287646249470_nredjacket is curated by the former editor of Last Rites. He’s also appeared at Backlit, Invisible Oranges, Angry Metal Guy, Metal Bandcamp, MetalReview, That’s How Kids Die, and HuffPost Live.

He hates your band and doesn’t want to join your club, but he does enjoy whiskey, grindcore, and housecleaning.

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