Kato X: The Future is Now


What’s the best way to attract visitors to the Greater Mankato area?

What about potential renters and homeowners from the Twin Cities or out-of-state?

How do we get even a percentage of the thousands of young professionals that pass through the hallowed halls of MSU to stay in the River Valley?

Okay, those last two issues are tough to tackle, at least in the space allotted. But visitors, right? Let’s start there.

Mankato and North Mankato are trying to STIMULATE GROWTH by relying on conference centers, sports complexes, and sporting events to work as magnets to draw revenue from peripheral populations.

So, again, what’s the best way to not only attract visitors, but entice them to spend their hard-earned $$$ at local businesses so they’ll support the entities that are unique to our city…

…while ALSO easing the tax burden we placed on ourselves to erect these sport-centric hubs in the first place?

Should we represent the best aspects of our city at a major regional sporting event that will draw upwards of 3,000 out-of-towners instead of letting attendees scavenge the big-box wastelands of East Mankato for the nearest Olive Garden?

Or should you make a VR simulation of PETTING A GOAT in a park named after a guy that sentenced 303 people to death without due process?


I think the choice is clear.

Thanks, Greater Mankato Growth.  THE FUTURE IS NOW