RJKT III: November Coming Fire


[Yes, I know I’ve used that Samhain reference for every post I’ve made in November since the advent of dial-up. Fight me.]

Okay, remember when we said RJKT was going to be a bi-monthly print publication?

If you didn’t notice, we lied. But not intentionally.

Putting together Issue 002 last summer was one of the best experiences of my life, but it was also one of the most stressful. I got to work with some of the coolest people in this tiny city and create something that was totally independent, totally unfiltered, and (for the most part) totally rad. And the reception was great—which kinda sucked, actually, because that meant that we had to make more of them.

Despite the stress involved in getting that issue cranked out by our self-imposed deadline, I was ready to hit the ground running and blast out some more content once the dust had settled.

Then I got drunk.

For a few months.

See, the problem with being a functional alcoholic is that sometimes, the level of actual function grinds down to the barest of Bare Minimums: Show up for work. Pay your bills. (Better late than never.) Shower a few times a week. Vote. Buy more gin.

And after a while, you wake up and realize that time flies when all you’re doing is surviving.

But that months-long haze wasn’t devoid of moments of clarity. One revelation? The truth about keeping free, fun projects like RJKT fun is to keep them generally free of constraints. If there’s one thing I took away my years-long, unpaid career as a music “journalist,” it’s that a hobby is only a hobby if it’s actually fuckin’ enjoyable. As soon as it becomes a job, it, well, becomes a job. Most people hate their jobs. And with RJKT, we didn’t want to start hating the damn thing before it even got off the ground.

So, while our little crew was busy crushing tequila shots and locking themselves in a Halloween-costume warehouse for 40+ days and running for city council seats, we broke a promise. To the seven people that we’re waiting for Issue 003 to drop already: We’re sorry. But we’re going to make it up to you. Here’s how:

  • Issues of RJKT will still cover a two-month period, but we’ll put them out whenever the hell we want. One of the reasons why this blog kinda died is because entertainment events in Kato are both highly repetitive and really, really streaky, making them a chore to cover. This summer brought a buzz of activity, but did you really need a printed alt-monthly to tell you that Nelly was coming this fall? (That shit sucked 15 years ago, people.) Or that a bunch of cranky, white-haired out-of-towners were going to shut down Belgrade Avenue every Thursday to worship decrepit, moblie relics of the fossil fuel industry? Not really. I DIGRESS
  • We’re going to update the blog more often, even if the posts are just short bursts of inanity with a Bandcamp embed attached
  • We’re going to do a new issue very, very soon
  • It’s going to make good on a promise from back in the early blog days, and it’s going to be killer (This one’s for you, Joe)

So yeah. See you soon, Mankato.

Also, listen to Stage Four.