Happy Labor Day, Mankato (or: I Have A Crush On You So I Made You A Playlist)


The Twilight Sad

Labor Day oft signifies the final day of summer. (And if you think that’s all it’s about, I suggest you start brushing up here. And here.) This particular summer has been one of the most intense periods of my life, both physically and mentally. It’s been awesome. It’s been awful. It’s been fuckin’ ALIVE.

Three things amplified this:

1) My increased connection with my city, which I love dearly; I’m proud to call Mankato my adopted hometown.

2) The direct and indirect support of my friends, both old and new. You’re beautiful people and I love you all.

3) A rekindled relationship with ridiculously uncool music.

So, in the interest of both giving back and being a self-indulgent prick, I made us a Spotify playlist.

Here’s, like, fuckin’, 96 tracks spread across 7 hours of music. No genre rules, no calculation or organization. Just a bunch of songs that kicked my ass or put it back together in a particular way between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Now, if you DO decide to fuck with this playlist, there are a few disclaimers:

A) It MUST be listened to on shuffle and this is NOT negotiable; I put zero thought into the track order–I just went alphabetically and filled in some blanks while backtracking–and randomizing the tracks will only make it weirder…in a good way.

B) Be warned that there’s a lot of wonderfully bad bullshit on here–from mid-80s INXS to mid-90s Napalm Death–mixed in with some brand-newish jams that I think are super legit.

C) On that note, if we’re friends because you knew me from a time when I styled myself as some kind of “authority” on forward-thinking extreme metal, this is effectively a eulogy for that era; there’s enough dad punk and synthpop on here to make a death metal juggalo eat his camo cargos.

D) Finally, if you’ve ever wanted to hear what Jason Molina sounds like sandwiched between Municipal Waste and Lupe Fiasco, your opportunity has finally arrived.

So, as an act of gratitude to the wonderful people of my city, take this little slice of my life and crank it up. Let’s get weird together.

[Also, thank you for your total support of RJKT002. Issue 003 is currently being constructed and will hit the streets this fall. Look out.]