Your Weekend Ain’t Over, Mankato: Left Lane Cruiser Rolls Through Tonight


It’s been an absolutely sweltering July weekend, Maybe you were rocking the suburbs on Friday night with Ben Folds and your fellow Caucasians. Maybe you were just getting smashed in those adult playpens / miniature cages the downtown bars pass off as “patios.” Or maybe you made the trek to Eaux Claires and watched Melt-Banana fry the hipster-Borg’s central nervous system.

Regardless, you’re probably pretty fried right now.

Well, it’s time to get your shit together, Mankato. Left Lane Cruiser is crashing into the NaKato in a matter of hours.

After getting their feet wet with the lukewarm folk / bluegrass fare that our citizens find so pleasant, the NaKato as been booking bands that bask in loudness lately. The Hooten Hallers and Liquor Beats Winter have enjoyed multiple successes, and a recent roof-tearing set by Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band proved that this bar isn’t afraid of raucousness.

Indiana’s Left Lane Cruiser ain’t either.

The trio deals in white-dude blues packed with slide guitar and slop-punk percussion–think a baked-green, half-speed Zeke doing ZZ Top by way of early Drive-By Truckers–and they’re basically coming through with designs on drinking whiskey and wrecking shit. (And don’t think for a second that the ZZ Top reference was in homage to their love of double entendre, because as songs like “That Ass,” and “Kentucky Fried Dickin’,” indicate, the single entendre is more their forte.)

Just fire up some Spatify, get acquainted, and I’ll see you in Lower North at 10 p.m. tonight. Be there or be clean and sober.

Happy Monday.