This Weekend in Kato: The Hooten Hallers and Liquor Beats Winter


Rapidfire RJKT update from the subruralban sprawl of Ames, Iowa

If you’re anywhere near the Mankato area, possess a functioning vascular system, and (rightly) recognize that the electric guitar pairs best with whiskey, you should be HERE tonight:

The Hooten Hallers and Liquor Beats Winter [NaKato, 10 pm]

Two of the raddest acts to call Mankato a regular stop are joining forces to decimate Lower North.

Minneapolis’ Liquor Beats Winter was last seen in these parts as the featured act of PHE 8’s second night, and their anarcho-vagrant Tom Waits filthswing had a largely hungover crowd shaking like they, well, weren’t still hungover.

That they’re returning in support of the Hooten Hallers is so appropriate it hurts. This hard-touring Missouri trio is rooted in blues, soul, and plain ol’ rock n’ roll, but they share LBW’s hardscrabble grit, hurling it forth in balls of punksludge bile that swell and burst and swell and burst and swell and burst…

…and it pretty much rules.

So stop bitching about the state of original rock shows in Mankato and go see some of the realest shit going. The fire is still rolling. Keep it burning.

Hey, will YOU be there?

Well, no. I’m in Ames, Iowa, visiting some good friends. And this evening, I’ll be departing for Bagley, Wisconsin to crush 107 miles of gravel in Saturday’s Dairy Roubaix. But I’ll be there in spirit. Raise some Jameson for me and dance ’til you’re dead.

See you next time, Mankato.