Wicked Inquisition Release New Single, Preparing Debut LP


Smoothed-out Twin Cities doomsters Wicked Inquisition have spread their fledgling wings across Mankato’s stages (at least) thrice in their brief existence. Though their home lies north from here, when you’re afforded the opportunity to watch an act mature before your eyes, they become adoptive locals. They’ve been getting tighter and tougher with each successive stop, and, honestly, how can you not throw some love behind a group of upstarts that close their sets with a freaking Budgie cover?

The coolest thing about Wicked Inquisition is their ability to take cues from classic doom and proto-metal acts without allowing their homage to mutate into a gimmick. While the current trends in retro fetishism skew toward riff-flogging fuzziness and meandering compositions, this band veers in the opposite direction. The guitars are driving and upfront, the songwriting taut and clear-cut, and the whole thing is delivered with power, not through puffs of bongsmoke.

They spent the latter part of 2014 prepping their first full length (they already have a demo and two EPs in the tank), and while the release date isn’t yet concrete, they dropped their first single, “Black Magic Nacht,” last week.

Check it out.