This Weekend in Kato: Worship the Riff


For many, it’s been a wild week: Black(out) Wednesday, Engorgement Thursday, Black Friday. If this mini-marathon of relentless excess was an integral part of your version of “giving thanks,” you might be a little fried right now.

Plug in and recharge, citizens. You might be running low on vitality, but your city’s still humming this Saturday.

Mankato Brewery opens its doors to the Barefoot Winos at 5 p.m., while Pub 500’s Mustache Bash kicks of at 7:00–featuring a mustache contest, soft jams from The Porch Lights, and a special MB tapping of Black Beard Ale.

Yet folks that rock facial hair throughout the remaining eleven months of the year will be throwing down at…

Let It Breathe / Wicked Inquisition / WarRooster [The What’s Up Lounge, 9 p.m.]

Each of these acts, on their own, build a little bridge from the realm of rock into the depths of doom, but as a combined force, it’s basically a seminar on reclaiming the riff.

WarRooster, playing their first show with a new bassist, ply a driving, post-Kyuss brand of stoner rock known to take thrashback detours and tip the collective cap to Iron Maiden.

Minneapolis’ upstart Wicked Inquisition (not to be confused with plain ol’ Inquisition) have stepped their game up considerably over the past year. Their very existence encapsulates the timelessness of doom metal: In folding Sabbathian weight n’ swagger into Trouble‘s traditionalism and tying it off with a proto-metal cord, these dudes–barely of legal age–are taking classic sounds and injecting it with a rarified vitality. Expect them to make waves in 2015; they wrapped recording of their first LP earlier this month.

And Let It Breathe just dropped a new bomb in the form of the River Wizard EP. This 3-track Bandcamp release was meant to be covert, as the cuts are unmastered and yet to take their final forms, but the Internet had other ideas. Thirst for impossibly-thick stoner / doom metallics is arguably at an all-time high, and fanatics pounced on it posthaste.

And it’s easy to see why. Few bands can combine smoked-out, Electric Wiz-ness with the warlord hammering of early High On Fire, but LIB manages to find that elusive balance between comapulse lullabies and, well, punching you in the face with a truck.

Let’s get doomed, Mankato. See you there.